Avalanche Canada Hats!

Avalanche Canada has hats for sale! And they don't suck!

They announced the hats on a Facebook post, but it wasn't clear initially how to actually order the things - so here's the details (since we've already scored one).

1. The hats are $30CAD +shipping. The shipping ain't cheap - cost an eye-wattering-but-worth-it $16CAD to Calgary which in retrospect makes me really wish I'd remembered I was going to be driving through Revelstoke literally days after it arrived. Still - this supports Avalanche Canada and they look awesome, so I called it worth it.

2. The hats come in two styles - low profile trucker (seen above on Christine) and a retro flat-brimmed trucker. The Flat brim is available in mustard and purple mesh backs and black and grey fabric back. The low profile is available in mustard and teal mesh backs and grey and blue fabric backs.

3. If you want a hat (and you should) just email jgeorge@avalanche.ca and Jennifer will hook you up.

4. Rock the hat, feel good about repping Avalanche Canada and tag Avalanche Canada in a photo of you rocking yours.

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