In Guide We Trust - Mountain Culture Magazine

The Mountain Culture Magazine group have a great article about the shift in mentality regarding guides. Just because you have a guide, doesn't mean you abdicate yourself from the decision making process.

It's a topic Ken Wylie discussed in his incredible book Buried and was top of mind for me when I was on a guided trip just a couple of weeks ago. I discussed with Christine before the trip how I was nervous that skiing with a guide would lead me into decision making complacency.

It's also something I worry about when skiing with new people. I ski a lot, I've got a fair bit of experience and I get really nervous when people don't speak up - are they just assuming that I'm omnipotent in my decision making or are they actively considering conditions and making their own risk decisions and comfortable with what we're doing? I try to be conscious of it and stop to force a discussion whenever things get quiet - but my preference is definitely for lively, organic discussion.

Anyway, whether you ski with guides or not, go give it a read.


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