The Brian Waddington Hut

Brian Waddington Hut

Also known as the Phelix Creek Hut, make sure you bring 30 friends for good times and to keep from freezing to death.

Vital Info

Capacity: 24 People

Location: 10U 522643E 5608795N

Access: Slog about 11km with 1000m elevation gain

Swank Factor: Low - it's a shell, bring everything you need to survive

Web Info

Getting There

Step 1. Get to Pemberton, BC. Once you're there, drive North through Mt. Currie, following signs for D'Arcy. Just before D'Arcy, look for Blackwater Road - you'll see signs just before it for Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park. Blackwater Road becomes a gravel road just a few meters down, but it's plowed reasonably frequently. Any car with good winter tires should work, though it can get exciting if it snows a bunch while you're up at the hut. About 13km from the highway and just before the park, look for a turn-off on your right. You can continue up if you're brave, or park your car here if you aren't.

From there you follow a prominent logging road (avoid turn-offs) until hitting a creek with log bridge with a rope hand line. On the far side of the creek there's clear cut. Head straight across maintaining the same elevation and keep your eyes open from orange diamond shaped markers. Follow the markers up through the trees to the hut.

There's an excellent access map that's worth printing.

What's There

It's a big, beautiful hut that's maintained by an awesome group of volunteers at the VOC, but it's as basic as they come.

No heat, and it gets cold. No mattresses to sleep on. No sinks. There's a two burner white gas stove that sometimes works, so bring your own. No pots, dishes or cooking tools. It's a shelter, that's it. 

Once You're There

A ton of options exist ranging from super mellow slopes to fun couloirs. All of the local peaks are named after the Lord of the Rings. 

A typically awesome day involves touring to the Upper Lake, lapping the slopes below Frodo and Peregrin, then heading up Peregrin's North-West shoulder to ski the Return of the King which is a super fun (but higher avalanche exposure) line that takes you right back to the hut.


You don't book the Brian Waddington Hut as much as let other people know you're coming. 

Head over to the VOC's Hut Registration Page and see if there's already a pile of people headed that way (not a bad thing, more people = more warm) and then add your party to the fray if it looks like there's room.


$10/person/night for non-members or free if you pony up to join the VOC - no need to be a student, you just pay a few extra bucks. The $60/year non-student membership pays for itself pretty quickly if you're using huts in the area and gets you access to club events and other perks.